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Blood for Dracula & The Wedding

From Oui (July 1974). I was able to make my dislike of Blood for Dracula more apparent here than I could when I interviewed Paul Morrissey around the same time in Paris (and for the same magazine), for what proved to be the March 1975 issue. -– J.R.

Blood for Dracula. A Dracula movie by the director of Flesh, Trash, and Heat

(all of which, incidentally, are currently playing in Paris)? That’s what the credits

say. Blood for Dracula, a grisly number shot in Italy by Paul Morrissey and

coproduced by Andy Warhol, combines Factory superstar Joe Dallesandro with a

host of authentic European weirdos, including a Count Dracula (Udo Kier) who

puts a lot of greasy stuff in his hair and sets off for Italy in search of virgin blood.

Unfortunately, the first two damsels he samples aren’t exactly chaste, leading

to a couple of spectacular vomiting fits. Dallesandro plays a revolutionary peasant

with a a Brooklyn accent who filches most of the available feminine goodies

before the count can get to them, and then turns hatchet man for the Grand

Guignol finale. Directors Vittorio De Sica and Roman Polanski are also on hand

for comic cameos.… Read more »