For Keeps

For Creeps might make a better title. One would like to think that at least part of the original intention of the script by Saturday Night Live’s Tim Kazurinsky and former Reader staffer Denise DeClue was to deal with some of the hard facts about teenage pregnancies that other youth movies gloss over. If so, fitful snatches of that intention remain, but buried under so many layers of conventionality and cloddishness that one has to dig for them with a bulldozer. Molly Ringwald and Randall Batinkoff play the hapless romantic leads, and while the former gamely does what she can with John G. Avildsen’s direction, it’s a losing battle; others include Miriam Flynn, Conchata Ferrell, and a particularly cliched sitcom turn from Kenneth Mars. There are bad country music songs written about this, Ringwald remarks at one point. Bad movies, too. (JR)

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