And God Created Woman

Roger Vadim’s own American semiremake of his influential New Wave sex romp, some 30 years later, with Rebecca De Mornay taking over the part once assigned to Brigitte Bardot. R.J. Stewart is credited as screenwriter, and Vincent Spano, Frank Langella, and Donovan Leitch also figure in the cast. The sad thing about this update is how uninteresting its is, despite tolerable direction and performances, and an obvious effort on Vadim’s part to make it contemporary. De Mornay plays a convict who befriends a gubernatorial candidate and marries a carpenter (Spano) in order to get paroled, then forms a rock band to perform the songs she’s written about freedom while refusing to have sex with her husband. As a portrait of the New Woman, the movie is sincere but simplistic, and the erotic charge of the originalwhich was mainly about saucy Bardot scandalizing Saint-Tropez with her brazen sexuality, energy, and desirereceives at best only a pale echo here. (JR)

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