Fatal Instinct

Considering the degree to which Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct are already self-parodies, writer David O’Malley and director Carl Reiner don’t have to do much to show how silly they are; in order to understand how silly this movie is, on the other hand, all you have to do is sit through it. Among other movies tweaked are Double Indemnity, Marnie, Body Heat, and Cape Fear, but the gags have little to say beyond the obvious, and before long the filmmakers are reduced to evoking the Three Stooges in order to fill space. (At least Mel Brooks, who’s just as shameless, gives you some personality to go with the clunkiness.) It’s a real pity, because Reiner has certainly been funnier and more inventive on other outings and Sherilyn Fenn makes a winsome gal Friday. With Armand Assante, Kate Nelligan, Sean Young, Chris McDonald, and Tony Randall. (JR)

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