Cops And Robbersons

After doing something highly personal and more serious in his previous feature (Memoirs of an Invisible Man) and getting slammed as a result, Chevy Chase returns to the anonymous, unmemorable suburban mode that made his earlier movies profitable. And guess what? The results are anonymous and unmemorable. The basic situation is that Chase’s character, an accountant with a wife (Dianne Wiest) and two kids, has to allow the police (including Jack Palance) to take over his home in order to stake out a dangerous criminal (Robert Davi) living next door; you can pretty much guess the rest. The once-interesting Michael Ritchie, well equipped for routine assignments like this, directed from a script by Bernie Somers. With David Barry Gray, Jason James Richter, Fay Masterson, and Miko Hughes. (JR)

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