Secret Window

David Koepp, much better and more experienced as a writer (Apartment Zero, Snake Eyes, Jurassic Park, Spider-Man) than as a director, adapted this psychological thriller from a Stephen King novella. It’s one more King story about an isolated writerin this case a popular novelist (Johnny Depp) in the middle of a messy divorce who, tucked away in a remote Mississippi cabin, is accused of plagiarism and stalked by a crazed hick (John Turturro). The tricky plot has an interesting payoff, but it’s a slow and bumpy ride getting there, and Koepp fares better with special effects than with generating either suspense or interest in the characters. With Maria Bello, Timothy Hutton, and Charles S. Dutton; the ubiquitous Philip Glass churned out the anxious score, and Fred Murphy is the able cinematographer. PG-13, 106 min. (JR)

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