Seeing Other People

Two months before her wedding day, a sexually inexperienced woman (Julianne Nicholson) persuades her fiance (Jay Mohr) that they should openly sleep around before marriage, and before long they, their friends, and her sister are competing with one another in promiscuity. Filmmaker Wallace Wolodarsky, who’s written for The Simpsons and who collaborated with Maya Forbes on this script, operates on the same satirical turf as Albert Brooks. He can’t compete with the master, but he does a pretty good job unpacking his characters’ southern California neuroses (such as guilt-ridden single parenting) and self-deceiving attempts at sexual liberation. Though this is more witty than laugh-out-loud funny, the castwhich also includes Lauren Graham, Bryan Cranston, Josh Charles, and Matt Daviskeeps things lively. R, 90 min. (JR)

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