David Lynch’s Short Films

This 100-minute DVD includes seven shorts, from Lynch’s earliest filmsSix Men Getting Sick (1967, 1 min.), The Alphabet (1967), and The Grandmother (1970, 34 min.)through the previously unreleased video The Amputee (1973, shown in two separate versions) and two French commissions, coyly quaint (The Cowboy and the Frenchman) and nightmarishly baroque (a contribution to the 1998 feature Lumiere and Company that runs less than a minute). I still regard Eraserhead (1977), Lynch’s first feature, as the summit of his work to date, and the best of these sketches have a similar if cruder hallucinatory and metaphorical power; the others are stray oddities. All are arguably better without Lynch’s homespun autobiographical introsbuy the boxed version and you can skip them. (JR)

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