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Abbas Kiarostami (with Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa; expanded 2nd ed., Urbana, Chicago, Springfield: University of Illinois Press, 2018; originally published in 2003). Note: a few portions of this book can be found on this site. Also available in Argentinian and Iranian editions.




Dead Man (London: BFI Publishing, 2000): Also available in Czech, French, and Iranian editions.


Greed (London: BFI Publishing, 1993): available in a Brazilian edition.


Midnight Movies (with J. Hoberman; expanded 2nd ed., New York: Da Capo, 1991; New York: Harper & Row, 1983): Also available in German and Polish editions.


Movie Mutations: The Changing Face of World Cinephilia (coedited with Adrian Martin, London: BFI Publishing, 2003). Note: a few sections of this book can be found on this site. Also available in Iranian and Spanish editions.

Movie Mutations Spanish edition cover

Note: This is Orson Welles by Orson Welles and Peter Bogdanovich (revised & expanded 2nd ed., New York: Da Capo, 1998; New York: HarperCollins, 1992), which I edited, is available at and in countless foreign editions. Long out of print is Rivette: Texts and Interviews (London: BFI, 1977), which I also edited; however, vitually all of this book apart from the filmography is available at



Portions of Discovering Orson Welles ( and Film: The Front Line 1983 (

Film The Front Line 1983

“Lost Material and Found Footage: Peter Tscherkassky’s Dark Room—and Ours”, Found Footage No. 4, March 2018. (Published in Spain:

The Green Fog and the Madden Mist”, Found Footage No. 5, forthcoming in March 2019. (Published in Spain: