The Blue Iguana

A sleazy bounty hunter (Dylan McDermott) is dispatched to the scuzziest hellhole in Mexico to recover a fortune in laundered contraband cash from a bunch of crooks (including James Russo and Jessica Harper); the bank holding the loot is across the street from the seedy hotel and nightclub of the title. Writer-director John Lafia, making his debut here, manages to make the pseudotoughness pretty amusing on the level of dialogue, although his characters are shopworn and his plot fairly standard. From the fancy cartoon credits to the Peter Gunn-ish score (by Ethan James), the movie tries awfully hard to be hip, and while it can’t quite muster enough style to match the aggressive hyperbole, it still manages some intermittent fun. With Pamela Gidley, Yano Anaya, Dean Stockwell, Tovah Feldshuh, Michele Seipp, and an actor known as Flea. (JR)

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