A small-time crook (Jamel Debbouze of Days of Glory), about to be rubbed out in Paris for an unpaid debt, decides to jump into the Seine, but when a leggy blond (Rie Rasmussen of Femme Fatale) jumps first, he promptly saves her. She turns out to be the title angel and accompanies him around the city, showing him how to clean up his act. Given my antipathy toward Luc Besson’s glib and nihilistic early features, I didn’t expect to like this 2005 mix of romantic fantasy and screwball comedy. But his attractive black-and-white ‘Scope compositions, strong Paris locations, and effective handling of the actors makes this captivating throughout, and wholly undeserving of the drubbing it’s received from many critics. In French with subtitles. R, 91 min. (JR)

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